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Your pet is your best friend, so you want them to have the best possible care. With over five years of experience, the team at The Pet Stop is ready to care for your pet.

As a small business in Killeen, TX, we separate ourselves from our competitors with our careful, personalized service. We won't treat your pet as a way to make money or meet a quota-they're family. Your pet's comfort is always our top priority.

Grooming is more than just cosmetic maintenance. Your pet's coat and nails can affect their health. Without proper care, pets can become more susceptible to fleas and ticks. Without regular trimming, nails can grow into the pads of your pet's feet, crippling them. We'll take care of their grooming needs to they can be happy and healthy.

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We'll handle all your pet grooming needs

When your pet needs care, let the experts at The Pet Stop provide. Our services include:

Pet boarding

Cat grooming

Dog grooming

We also provide nail clipping and brushing for rabbits and bunnies, depending on their temperament. Whatever service you need, your pet will always receive quality care.

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Serving our community

The team at The Pet Stop values giving back to the community, and so we are proud to offer a military service member discount. Whenever you need a pet groomer or pet boarding service, we're glad to help.